Solidarity, pioneering spirit, customer first, service first class! The company is located in Gaudi Commercial Plaza, Gangzha District, Nantong. It is very convenient to transport under Jianghai Avenue. Integrate China's manufacturing advantages and help China make the world. The company utilizes its own marketing resources to provide excellent products and services for many small and medium-sized purchasers, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, as well as terminal consumers.
About Us
Four advantages make you feel free to choose
  • 01
    Famous brand in global sourcing

    Global sourcing, first hand sourcing, original quality assurance!

  • 02
    High quality real price

    We provide direct source of goods, sales volume is large, good reputation.

  • 03
    Consulting service

    Professional team support, offer quick response.

  • 04
    After-sale support

    Ensure your interests, 24 hours online support, and serve you at full time.



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Address:No. 213-3 Jianghai Road, Nantong, Jiangsu
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